I read "Betrayal" and Must say that Tilson's character Katie comes to life in this exciting novel. Page after page, I was caught up in the suspense of trying to find out who was responsible for Katie’s myriad of problems. The novel is well paced and well executed. It kept me captured hour after hour and it was difficult for me to put the book down. Without a doubt, Tilson has all the makings of a great writer.

Court Interpreter Ali Rosado

 The plot is very intriguing that you are constantly surprised at the twists and turns. I've read "Betrayal" several times because I can't get enough of Betrayal.

Barbara Snider

"Betrayal" Is suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seats. I didn't want to put it down, it is truly a page turner with a well written story line. Kathie Mathison is a well written character that stays true to herself.

Pre-K Teacher Melanie Quincey

I really enjoyed "Betrayal". It Kept me guessing the entire book with a surprising ending. 

Nurses Aid Tammy Snider


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